Monday, September 27, 2010


“You know what they say about guitarist’s fingers right? They’re really skilled,” he said with a cheeky smile and then kissed me.
I giggled, I’d been doing a lot of that the whole time we were tangled in each other’s limbs, skin on skin; other stuff in other stuff… my whole body was in tune with his, electricity surging through both of us. The whole house was our playground; the shower, the floor, the kitchen, the balcony, and boy did we play.
Later on, cuddling in bed, he tilts my forehead, looks into my eyes, “you have the most beautiful eyes; sexy and playful but there’s still enough innocence left in them.” I blush again, rub my nose against his.
“You’re amazing,” he says, “why didn’t I meet you sooner?” this time I kiss him, eyes closed because they would betray how I’m feeling, they would betray my heart, and I’m still deathly scared of getting hurt.
“You’re pretty amazing yourself babe,” I just barely manage to say. Just barely because he’s kissing my neck again. Light, sensual kisses, awakening my core, I feel a familiar wetness between my legs and I bite my lip. Here we go again…
He’s on top; I’m on top, the headboard crashes into the wall. His body speaks to mine and mine responds; I bite his shoulder to keep a scream in because I’m sure by now the neighbors are tired of hearing our lovemaking. He sucks one nipple, gently pinches the other. I dig my hands into his back and he thrusts deeper. A bead of sweat drips off his forehead, I watch as it makes its way through the dried up river bed that is my cleavage. Everything we do is art, every sound we make is music, and the way our bodies fit together is poetry.
He stops me and I panic, “what’s wrong?” he looks into my eyes, kisses my forehead, “nothing’s wrong, I just want to savor this, I want to make love to you, this isn’t just about fucking.”
Oh shit, is that a balancing tear that I feel? I look away, kiss his shoulder. “I’m not going to hurt you babe, I promise. That had better be a happy tear I see.”
I look up and he’s frowning at me. I kiss his frown lines, then his nose, then his lips. “It’s a happy tear. It’s definitely a happy tear.”
He kisses me, slow and deep, and starts up again, a slow rhythm. He holds my hands, watches my face as he pleases me, kisses me everywhere he can reach. Intense doesn’t begin to explain it, the spirituality about sex suddenly made sense to me. I am, most certainly, in heaven.

[now playing: Melting – Tristan Prettyman]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm In Love

and before you freak out about me being some over emotional psycho person, let me just say that it is not with the new guy in my life (although things are going really well *giggle*). i'm in love with good music. specifically Tristan Prettyman. she's amazing! she's dating Jason Mraz who is also one of my favourite artists and their style is more similar.. like if he was a girl, her music would be his.. does that make sense? =P
anyway,give her a listen,she's BRILLIANT =D

there's a lot to update you all on but time is something i do not have too much of these days =( i promise to get back to you soonest,miss me!! =) xo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

lol, smiley face =)

Hello dear bloggers, it's the annoyingly happy version of me that you will have to bear with for a while now, a thousand apologies!
I hope you all had a fab weekend? Wait, how long has it been since I wrote? 9 days? Well I hope you’ve all had a fab 9 days, I know I have =)
I met a boy y’all... and he’s awesome, he plays guitar aswel but he’s nothing like Mr. Complications, he’s complication free and I’m loving it!! I’m not saying too much about this because, well, I don’t want to jinx it, but I AM taking things slow, and he doesn’t seem to be in any big rush either. We’re just getting to know each other, enjoying each other’s company, and randomly kissing in the middle of conversations which I must say, I don’t think our mutual friends appreciate very much... It's not my fault he has the most amazing lips ;)hehe
I’m super whipped, it’s been a while since I was this excited about a boy who was equally as excited about me =) *happy sigh*
My love life aside, I'm back in uni and I'm hoping for an awesome, drama - free semester. Wish me luck!!xx

[listening to: Falling For You – Colbie Calliat]

Sunday, August 29, 2010

la la la la la life is wonderful =)

ola =)
i haven’t blogged in a while, not to worry tho, I’ve just been rather busy with a lot f stuff; designing and sewing mostly, i’m getting better by the day =)
last time I was bitching (and with god reason) about my friends and the way they’ve been acting around me, I decided the simplest thing to do would be to calm down and take a wee break from them. So I hung out with my friend who I recently reconnected with after a 2 – year – long epic fight. And little did I know, that’s exactly what I needed =)
there will be no bitching in this blog post. No sad undertones of any kind. Dear readers, I am at peace =)
everything seems to be coming together at this point in time and I hope my saying this doesn’t jinx it but I’m soo fuckin stoked =D

[listening to: Angel of Mercy – One Republic]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm sorry, what now???

I had lunch with one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a long while the other day, she’s more like my slightly older sister than a friend, she’s not afraid to keep it real with me even when she knows it’s going to hurt. We’ll call her M.
We were talking about anything under the sun, hook –ups, break – ups etc, when I got a text from one of the girls from my usual circle “it’s J’s birthday tomorrow, you should totally make it a special one for him ;)”.my expression changed and I threw my phone back in my bag. “What’s up?” asked M.

Now, in order for this story to make sense, I have to take y’all back in time a little bit.
J is the guy I’m moping about most of the time; we had a thing ages ago and it’s never really ended. He’s good friends with S’s boyfriend, the guy from the pool incident in Coast. So ever since S and F sorted out their love lives, they’ve kinda been pushing every Tom, Dick and Harry on me…
And we’re back…

M looked at the text, shrugged her shoulders, “So for how long have you been their Pity Project?”
“You know what I’m talking about babe, they’re always trying to pimp you out, making you look like you’re desperate and shit.”
“Come on, you know it’s not like that,” I said in defense of my friends
“They make it look like you have a problem being single when it’s them that do”
You know that moment when you get smacked in the face with a universe sixed dose of reality? That was it. She had hit the proverbial nail on the head (I hate these cliché expressions that the Kenyan media overuse but I’m sorry, I had to indulge =P hehe). That’s why I’d been feeling off about hanging out with them, they’ve made me their Pity Project. Apparently their lives are all perfect and they feel the need to give back by helping their friend who is too lame to score a boyfriend off her own. WHAT THE FUCK???
“It’s either that or they’re uncomfortable with having a single friend hanging around them and their boyfriends.”
“Yeah, I get it M,” I said as I signaled the bartender that I was ready for my next shot.
Women, humph, I’m not sure where they get off deciding that I’m lonely or incapable of finding myself a significant other. And are we really friends if you can’t trust me around your boyfriends who by the way are not even close to my type?? Argh, I’m still so annoyed by all this! I just feel so…… misunderstood… and…. Pitied.. yuck!!
In case you’re wondering, I didn’t make J’s birthday a “special one ;)”, I turned my phone off for the whole weekend and hung out with the boys; at least they won’t try to hook me up with every cute guy they see =P

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids These Days...

Wow, that sentence makes me feel ANCIENT!! But, you know, we’re not here to discuss my quarter – life – crisis, on to the purpose of this post…
It’s the summer holidays which means most of my friends who are abroad come back for the holidays, there are a million and one parties to attend and of course, that kids are out of school for three long months. Now that last one, I’m not feeling too great about. Why, you may ask? Because these annoying children fill up every spot that I enjoy hanging out at, they make my party experience weird and uncomfortable, and by the end of summer, I’m left asking “what in the hell happened to children these days?”
This weekend, I broke my summer party hiatus (I had resorted to nights in with the boys, a couple beers, and the PS3) because it was my friend’s birthday and she just HAD to go out. So we drove to the other side of the city to go to this big party that was going on. It was in one of the more established clubs that usually has a strict door policy; I had to use my older cousin’s ID to get in there before I was 21 =P but identity fraud aside, this club is usually very strict. Which is why when I was asked for my ID at the door, I didn’t even give my usual snide remark, I just smiled as I handed it over. We got our wristbands etc etc and walked in, sure that we would not be plagued by the mass of annoying, drunk children that usually pack our favorite haunts.
But boy were we wrong.
The club was packed, and I don’t mean that there were a lot of people, I mean that it was probably a serious health risk, seeing as there was hardly any oxygen left to breathe. Well, we had come such a long way so we were prepared to make the most of it. We ordered drinks and hit the dance floor, after all, the music was pretty awesome.
So we’re dancing and someone behind me kept elbowing me in the ribs. Clearly not a comfortable thing to endure so I turned around to ask them to stop. My eyes nearly popped out of my skull. Like literally. There was a couple behind me, the guy grabbing on the girl’s waist,, the girl pulling off some move I had seen in that Bend Over video (which by the way is just disgusting). Both of them didn’t look a day above 16, and I’m sure they weren’t. I pointed it out to my friends and we laughed about it and moved on. But within an hour, the number of couples I had seen doing the same thing was ridiculous. And it wasn’t just the dancing, I saw people who were years below me in high school in the bathroom snorting coke or popping pills, out in the car parks doing only what I can call some sort of dry humping that was highly disturbing. I saw many of them passed out on the floor, their wallets and cellphones long gone. And I just wondered, what the fuck is up with kids these days??
Let me tell you what I was doing at 16. Sure, I was a smoker, but even then kissing a boy was still a big deal. I’d already had my first few couple of drinks, but I knew that there was a line when it came to mind – altering substances, that weed was just at the line, and that it shouldn’t be crossed. I danced with boys, and sure, I understand the thrill that comes with wining on a guy blah blah blah but the simulated sex acts I saw on Saturday, even the makers of the video that spawned such dance moves would be scandalized. And sure, I’d kissed a few boys but the complicated love triangles I heard about in the ladies room made me appreciate just how boring my life can be. Then I wondered, where are these people’s parents?? Like where were they as these kids were growing up? Are they too busy trying to make a living that they don’t see what their children have become?? I for one know my mother struggled and worked crazy hours but as much as we took advantage of that, I knew what the boundaries were… sigh… I’m not even sure where exactly I’m going with this anymore but I think I just needed to vent a little bit because I was just horrified!!
Hopefully the next time I post I’ll be on to happier things =P

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleepless in the Savannah... wait, Kenya’s in the Savannah right?

10:46 pm
It’s Monday night... for some reason, I’ve had a really bad case of the “Monday Blues” today, spent most of it stoned… no, wait, I’ve been stoned since Friday so there’s no correlation between the Monday Blues and me being high… hehehe

10:52 pm
I think my internet is on her period; the connection keeps dying and coming back on every few minutes... Typical third world reliability.

11:35 pm
One sketch done… I’m not sure how I feel about it yet; it looks a bit undone…

12:13 am
I have a migraine… great… been watching Rock n Rolla, for the first time it’s not helping… sigh…

01:49 am
Why am I still awake? I just ate a shitload of cheesecake, I feel fat and disgusting =(

02:27 am
I’m getting sleepy =D it might just be the weed but I don’t mind, mama needs her beauty sleep!!

07:30 am
Mum woke me up to give me a list of stuff to do today. Here’s an idea mum, next time leave a note!!
Oh well, since I’m up… *walks to the balcony, lights a cigarette; uses it to light the stub of last night’s joint*
And inhale…… inhale….. Exhale….

This is very UN-PC but it cracked me up! Saw it on

Religions of the world:
Taoism: Shit happens
Hinduism: This Shit happened before
Islam: If Shit happens, take a hostage
Buddhism: When Shit happens is it really Shit?
7th Day Adventist: Shit happens on Saturday
Protestantism: Shit won't happen if I work harder
Catholics: If Shit happens, I deserve it
Jehovah’s Witnesses: Knock knock, Shit happens
Judaism: Why does Shit always happen to me?
Hare Krishna: Shit happens rama rama ding dong
Atheism: No Shit
T.V. Evangelism: Send more Shit
Rastafarianism: Let’s Smoke This Shit!